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The window cleaning just became easier!

1 set window groove cleaning brush Nook Cranny Window Cleaner Bathroom Kitchen Floor Gap Household cleaning tool device Color : A


Ideal hand-held size for comfortable grip, which will keep your hands clean and easy wipe.

Non-slip handle perfectly fits your hand.


1 set window groove cleaning brush Nook Cranny Window Cleaner Bathroom Kitchen Floor Gap Household cleaning tool device Color : A


This cleaning brush makes it easier to clean any gaps, corners, narrow space or cracks in the room!

Great for cleaning window crevices,door tracks, corners and baseboards, corner drawer door gap and sliding door with ease and quick.


1 set window groove cleaning brush Nook Cranny Window Cleaner Bathroom Kitchen Floor Gap Household cleaning tool device Color : A

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This handy little tool works great to clean window tracks and shower door tracks. Makes cleaning a lot easier and more efficient than using a toothbrush
1 Jun 2020
This is a great tool for window casings and sliding closet doors which is exactly what we purchased it for. Wipe off with damp cloth and air dry between uses.
1 Jun 2020
I love this. Got it originally for the windows, as shown, but it also works for the decorative wrought iron we have on the windows & doors. Best thing I've ever found for all the curves, bars, etc.
1 Jun 2020
I live up in the mountains and we are beseiged by ladybugs and potato/stink bugs. I have all sliding doors, screens and windows. The tracks of my sliders are constantly full of little dead ones even in colder weather when we have a few warm days. In 30 minutes I cleaned out all the sliders and they work soooo much better. Love this thing!!
1 Jun 2020
I sent these brushes to my son, who used one upon arrival on removing the debris from his sliding door grooves. He loved it. I have been using mine for years and know they are great.
31 May 2020
Works perfectly between the windows, in the base where the screen meets the window.
21 May 2020
Cleaned years of dirt with little effort on my part
21 May 2020
I actually use this to clean windows, as well to clean my air conditioner and fans.
21 May 2020
Works great, now I have to get really busy
4 May 2020
This worked so well in getting all the grime and dirt out of the windowsills in my apartment. I definitely recommend this product.
6 Apr 2020
works really well. Wish there was a extention handle for the door tracks.
9 Mar 2020
Very practical. I was worries I wasted my money, but this little brush works great for small spaces and getting the floors where they meet the wall. I love it.
25 Feb 2020
Works great for the tiny gaps in the track of my sliding door. Perfect tool for the job.
29 Jan 2020
Works great for cleaning out the sliding glass door tracks. Also good for Windows and any other tight spaces you might have trouble getting into!
28 Jan 2020
This is a great product if you work in an area with any kind of window tracks. Saves SO MUCH TIME!!!
22 Jan 2020
I love this gadget. I have been looking for it forever. This works great on the windows and sliding glass doors because you need a long narrow strip of bristles to clean in deep grooves of the rails. I only wish sponge pad were just a little stiffer.
16 Jan 2020
This is a product that makes lamenting jobs a little easier. I used it for all my windows and it did a great job. I'll probably use it from many other projects
9 Jan 2020
Amazing product I highly recommend
1 Jan 2020
Used this to clean out the window tracks it worked great! It's not hard or soft, kinda in the middle.
16 Dec 2019
This little brush does a quite-good job of getting into the window sill tracks. I'm impressed with it.
22 Nov 2019
Great idea, so many uses in the house, inside and outside, favorite for slider and window tracks
17 Nov 2019
Awesome product i use it to clean elevator tracks at my work (housekeeping) its exactly what i wanted and perfect thickness
8 Nov 2019
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