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There are various types of tile cleaning brushes, but you need only one


Tilegator™ brush is perfect for cleaning tiles, grout, and so much more!

The brush with rubber bristles is designed for difficult jobs, and it won’t damage any surfaces.

Tilegator™ is made of high-quality plastic and long-lasting anti-mold rubber.

It’s extra durable and might be used on hard and soft surfaces.

Easily cleaning almost any kind of surface, including glass shower doors or a window groove.

And the brush itself is easy to clean.

There is a built-in squeegee for cleaning a window or spilled water, saving you the hassle of additional drying.

Tilegator™ is here for you.

Buy now at a special price!

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I bought a house which had cream colored grout on the kitchen floor, directly below the cooktop. Looked like it had never been cleaned before; the tan colored grout was black. Went through every cleaning/degreasing product made, using every kind of hardware store brushes. After using kneepads and a lot of elbow grease and nylon brushes from the big box hardware store, I was only able to get half of the grout lines clean. This brush's VERY stiff bristles blew right through the grease. Excellent product.
3 Jun 2020
Wow! This is the best grout cleaning tool I've ever used. We recently purchased a 10yr old home with mostly tile floors. It wasn't until the walk-through of the empty house just prior to closing that I could really tell just how dirty the grout was. Big difference in color between grout under where the couch was and grout in traffic areas and the kitchen. I don't think anyone had ever cleaned the grout in 10 yrs. I used Rejuvenate deep grout cleaner as directed, scrubbed with the brush and wiped up with a paper towel so as not to spread the dirt to the tiles. Paper towel would be black! The width of this brush fit the grout lines perfectly. I rated durability as a 4 because I wore out the front bristles of first brush I ordered prior to finishing the job, but as mentioned, this was a huge long overdue maintenance project.
1 Jun 2020
Yes!!!! This works!!! I used this on the grout on the kitchen floor, we have not scrubed in 10+ years. The first half hour I was using 2 toothbrushes to scrub. Why? Because I had the toothbrushes and didn't want it to go to waste. Boy what a waste of time I should have thrown out the toothbrushes and used this in the beginning! I really appreciate this product and its design. The bristles stayed hard and was easy to control over the tiles. Easy 5 stars
1 Jun 2020
This was a major step up from the toothbrush I was using to scrub grout. Covers a much larger area, has very stiff bristles (but doesn't damage grout), and is great for getting into corners. It's also much more ergonomic than a toothbrush! If you have grout to clean, get one!!!
30 May 2020
Tough and very easy to handle! I will be ordering another one to have for the future. I used this in combination with the Black Diamond ULTIMATE GROUT CLEANER. Both highly recommended!
22 May 2020
This tile joint cleaning brush works great. The brush is very easy to use on the narrow grout lines around various tiles we have in our shower and bathtub areas. Trying to get right in the corner to clean out old stuff or to make the bathroom area much cleaner and safer is much easier using this brush.
20 May 2020
This is perfect for narrow grout lines. Our shower is easy to clean until you try to clean the grout. Other brushes either did not holdup well when used rigorously or the bristles were not firm enough for scrubbing. The bristles on this brush are short and extremely sturdy. Also, I do not have to continuously scrub the same spot to get it clean. The brush is so precise, it makes cleaning quick and easy.
19 May 2020
Bought this brush to clean my white shower. I used to use a regular scrub brush but it never got into the grout very well. Seen this thought I’d give it a try and glad I did. Was a little hesistent on the price as it seemed a bit much for what looked like a basic brush. I can now say it was worth the money, I’m not sure on the longevity of the bristles as I haven’t had it long but so far it has cleaned the grout easily and without much effort. It gets in their right between the tile and without much muscle cleans very well! I would recommend.
7 May 2020
I just received it today. I have nearly 1,000 square feet of ivory/beige floor tiles., from my back door, through a large kitchen into a hall and foyer. Many years ago my grout was sealed and I have kept it up myself. It’s a large job getting that grout clean. This is the fastest, easiest tool I have EVER used to restore my grout. I just finished cleaning and touching up. My grout looks new and bright. Couldn't be happier with the quality. It held up and it looks brand new. I would not hesitate to recommend it.
23 Apr 2020
I rarely ever write reviews but had to for this one. The Tilegator is the best. We have been renting for three years in our current apartment and in the bathroom there are 1’ x 1’ tiles on the floor. I never really noticed the grout and guess I assumed it was a dark grout by design. Then I moved our towel shelf that had been sitting in the corner and saw bright white grout underneath it. Yuck - that black grout was really dirt. I searched and found the Tilegator and spent an hour yesterday scrubbing. The bristles are really firm. From now on I will always keep one of these around. Makes me so happy to look at our clean floors now. Everyone should have one of these. Oh, and it works similar wonders on the shower grout too - it swooshes away any mold or build up there. What a difference this has made - to my floors, walls, and my mood in general!
15 Apr 2020
Finally, a grout scrubber that works! It sounds weird to call something as commoditized as a scrubber 'high-quality,' but this one really is. The bristles are very stiff, and so far, have not softened, bent, fell out or failed. And the ergonomic handle lets you dig in and scrub without getting an achy wrist or fingers. Pricy for a scrub brush? Yes. Worth every penny? Hell yes!
9 Apr 2020
Wonderful cleaning brush! I saw this brush at a friend's home and had to buy one. Forget clean tile grout of which it does a great job. I use it for scraping my dishes before placing them in the dishwasher and cleaning nonstick surfaces. I adore my lovely brush and plan to buy a couple more. What else will this beautiful brush with strong fine bristles clean?
29 Mar 2020
This brush plus regular white vinegar was perfect. The brush did all the work. After doing my whole kitchen floor the very front end of the brush was starting to get like an old toothbrush, if that makes sense. But if I used the full brush, not just the front, it worked much better. I believe this will last long enough to pass onto my children.
24 Mar 2020
I’ve used one of these for a year now, scrubbed shower tile with bleach, several more times scrubbed the pool last year, today I was preparing the pool for summer and when done, the bristles still haven’t splayed our, it’s retained its shape like new, and the bonus about cleaning the pool tile grout is this brush floats, I’m going to buy another.
13 Mar 2020
I was ready to have someone regrout my shower to a darker color. The grout was white and had turned yellowy/orange. I tried different kinds of cleansers and brushes. This cleaned the grout back to white - took a little elbow grease but was happy I didn't have to have someone regrout.
15 Jan 2020
I mostly use this brush to clean tile grout. With a little elbow grease and this brush cleaning the tile grout is an easier task. They are the best brushes for cleaning tile grout that I’ve found anywhere. I have purchased several of these brushes over the years and I would not hesitate to buy another.
11 Jan 2020
Been trying to keep the shower grout clean by "old toothbrush" method. My shower is marble walls and sorta rough surface travertine floor. Needless to say, the grout was really staying ahead of me with mold. This brush with a bit of cleaner worked like a miracle. Also used it on kitchen grout. White grout looks brand new. Amazing. I love this thing! Go for it.
9 Jan 2020
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