ECOCO™ Toilet Brush and Holder Set

ECOCO™ Toilet Brush and Holder Set

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  • Toilet Brush re-imagined 

The improved dense brush bristles combined with comfortable non-slip handle design provides 100% cleanliness with minimum effort. The self-ventilation base holder leaves no chances for bacterial growth.

  • 360 degree Rubber Brush Head 

Soft and strong TPR (Thermo-Plastic-Rubber) bristles don’t damage the toilet surface when cleaning stains. The brush head provides 360° cleaning – the bottom of the toilet brush rim, flange mouth and many other dead spots are not an issue anymore.

  • Self-dry Ventilation Base Holder

The bottom of the advanced brush holder base allow vents to air out, no water is accumulated on underneath, drying quickly and keeping them sanitary more effectively.

  • Stylish design

The ergonomic design of this toilet brush will make your bathroom more tidy and modern. It’s a perfect fit for any home decoration style.


Customer questions & answers

Q: Does this work better than a traditional bristle toilet brush?
A: Rounded shape of the ECOCO toilet brush and its long rubber bristles provide deeper cleaning while staying more hygienic. 

Q: Is this toilet brush durable? My last toilet brush broke in a week.
A: The durability of the ECOCO toilet brush is guaranteed. Flexible TPR bristle head doesn’t wear out under the influence of household cleaning agents, ergonomic plastic handle is made of high-quality plastic.

Q: Could the toilet brush reach under the rim of toilet?
A: Of course, this toilet brush made of very soft TPR bristles, and can easily reach under the rim of the toilet, as well as other hard-to-reach corners.

Q: Can TPR bristles scratch my toilet?
A:  TPR stands for Thermo-Plastic-Rubber a resilient material that gently cleans any surfaces without scratching them.

Q: Is it true that ECOCO toilet brush is more hygienic than traditional brushes?
A:  Yes, TPR material prevents bacteria growth and makes it easier to clean the bristles thoroughly.


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I really like this toilet brush and holder, and it was also a very quick delivery.
I purchased it for a spare downstairs toilet, so the the missing wall sticker wasn't an I didn't plan to fix it to the wall.
It is stronger and looks a lot better than my previous holder and brush and does do a good job on cleaning the toilet.
We do have another small toilet, so I may buy another toilet set, but not for the main bathroom in case the wall sticker is missing again. Once bitten twice shy...
27 Feb 2020
This is a bit more expensive than your standard toilet brush, but to be honest I was getting a bit fed up with having to replace the cheaply ones so often.
This brush was easy to put together and is very sturdy. The silicone bristles are great. It is easy to use and seems to do a really good job. Because of the design, it fits into the hand easily and gets rid of marks very easily.
It cleans simply and effectively and also looks much nicer than a regular toilet brush. I am very happy with this product and am considering buying another.
27 Feb 2020
I recently carpeted my en-suite (yeah, I know nobody does that these days but I hate cold feet and it’s only me that uses it!) and wanted a wall mounted toilet brush to keep it off the floor.
I came across this and hadn’t even heard of rubber-bristles on a loo brush before but I use rubber/silicon brushes for other cleaning and they’re really good so thought it was worth a try.
And it’s great! Easy to mount with the adhesive sticker which is really strong and definitely won’t fall off. Simple screw-on handle and plonk it into the holder, and it’s good to go!
Without going into the gorey details, it cleans the inside of the pan really well, and doesn’t hold onto water or ‘other stuff’ when you take it out like a traditional bristle brush, so the holder will stay much cleaner.
Looks great, modern and simple. I’ll get around to replacing the brushes in the other bathrooms with one of these next time I’m feeling flush (see what I did there?)
27 Feb 2020
purchased this toilet brush to replace the old metal handled one with metal container sitting dusting away in the corner.
I was looking for something a little more modern, and this fits the bill.
It arrived fully retail packaged and required some quick assembly - the brush head to be screwed on the the handle to be screwed on.
This took less than a minute and didn’t have to follow any instructions for it!
You have the option of sticking it to the wall or the cistern using the included sticky pad - I chose to leave ours freestanding on the floor.
It is quite a modern and stylish design, and the silicone head is amazing - paper and other stuff doesn’t stick to it like the traditional brushes - simply give the toilet a flush and give the brush a spin under the falling water and it cleans itself !
Once you’ve cleaned it, simply place it back in its holder and the water drips from the brush in to the bottom of the holder leaving the brush nice and dry.
27 Feb 2020
This toilet brush is quite stylish considering you just clean your toilet with it!
I like how the brush never sits in the dirty toilet water and can completely dry out.
The rubber bristles cleans the toilet fantastic and doesnt scratch the toilet pan, the brush dosent wear out or lose its original shape.
It also come with a littlw plastic sticker thing to attach the holder to the wall which is a great touch.
27 Feb 2020
Very good quality. I would recommend. Cleans easier than a regular brush and is cleaner.
25 Feb 2020
This toilet brush is extremely stylish and really good.
The rubber bristles clean the toilet perfectly, and my personal opinion is that it is much better than the usual toilet brushes.
Easy to mount with the adhesive sticker which is really strong and definitely won’t fall off.
Say end of the odour and staining. The product is definitely worth every penny. You will be surprised how good it is.
24 Feb 2020
Assembling it was really easy - just a few pieces which had to be screwed onto each other. It took 2 minutes.
I was worried because the backside comes with a suction sticker for it to go onto the wall and I was worried it’d fall, splashing and making a mess everywhere however I’ve now had it for days and the suction sticker’s kept the brush on the wall quite sturdily since.
This is great as it doesn’t get in the way to clean the floor. The brush itself is of a far more superior quality than standard ones and therefore cleans better too. I was able to scrub off some stains which had been around for a while.
24 Feb 2020
A toilet brush but re-engineered.
The worst thing about standard cheap toilet brushes is the lack of airflow and the pool of water.
This brush fixes both of these issues.
The brush has silicon bristles so easy to use and easy to clean. The holder provides airflow from the bottom to allow the brush to dry and air out rather than sit in a pool of dirty water.
Not used it for too long so far but it seems to have removed any extra nasty smells from the brush or tray!
Obviously more expensive than the £1.50 ones, but the differences make it worth it.
23 Feb 2020
Looks very modern and stylish, replaced our old chrome one.
I have it stuck to the wall as you can see in the picture and it looks very good.
The sticker works really well and was super easy to use.
17 Feb 2020
Fast delivery, packed perfectly, got in perfect condition
16 Feb 2020
Super quality, recommend.
13 Feb 2020
Bought this as I was interested in the idea of being able to stick it onto the wall.
I have been decorating my downstairs toilet and it looks so nice on the newly painted white wall.
It is much more hygienic than my last one and as my last one rusted this should not be a problem this time.
I am very happy with this toilet brush.
6 Feb 2020
All OK. Came in parts. Will give it a try soon.
4 Feb 2020
Been using this loo brush for a week now and I have to say it's brilliant. My previous brush was a metal holder and a traditional brush head.
These get rusty with the harsh toilet chemicals and the brush head gets dirty and clogged up. This new style brush is all plastic so no rust issue.
This brush head is made of a rubber brush head which is great and stay ery clean and is easy to rinse if needed.
Also great feature where you attach to a wall, not if I am going to attach mine to the wall yet but nice to have the option.
3 Feb 2020
This toilet brush is exactly what I needed. Nothing dirty sticks to it and the water you rinse it with evaporates so there’s no odor or bacteria hanging around.
It’s tough and you won’t have to buy a new for a long long time.
3 Feb 2020
Super deal cute and well packed. You can stick it to a wall. Strongly recommend. Thank you. I am very glad.
3 Feb 2020
Recommend, good quality, careful packaging.
2 Feb 2020
Packing is super
31 Jan 2020
Had a need for a toilet brush and made a desicion to get this silicone one which is something new for me as I use to use a normal toilet brush.
In comparison with normal brush, dirt does not easily sticks to silicone bristles.
It doesn't scratch the surface of the toilet, where I have noticed the normal brush was leaving scratches and also black marks.
For cleaning purpose of silicone, i am using a toilet bleach and rinsing with water.
Quick drying holder contains a lot of small gaps around perimeter which is good for ventilation and drying.
The silicone head does not change its shape therefore will last for longer and need to be cleaned much less frequently.
31 Jan 2020
Got it in my mail this couple of hours ago. Super excited about giving it a try!
30 Jan 2020
Never had toilet brush like this, but was looking a long time on them and finally decided to buy. I'm using only for a few weeks, but I'm really pleased to have this brush in my toilet.
Toilet brush is quite hard and cleaning perfectly toilet surface. Before I've needed to clean my toilet with old brush and chemicals 5-10 minute, but this brush just doing magic, couple of minutes and toilet look like new.
I love the minimalism design, looks awesome in toilet. Comes in well packed box
28 Jan 2020
Compact brush, looks neat. In everyday life it is convenient to use.
25 Jan 2020
Very happy with this purchase. Toilet brush is nicely designed, easy to use. Easy to clean toilet and stains does not stay on the brush itself.
There is a gap on the container what allows exceed water to dry, brush does not stay wet, always keeps dry. Toilet brush you can easily wash under the water.
Looks strong and durable. Definitely recommend
24 Jan 2020
I purchased this silicone toilet brush as I have a Closomat toilet and any other type of brush can seriously damage the delicate instruments inside the bowl and also scratch the bowl.
This toilet brush is soft to the touch but durable and makes light work of the deadly task of cleaning the toilet.
The handle comes in two parts but there is no danger of it coming undone while in use as the two sections have an incredibly long thread fitting.
The brush head also comes off and again this is unlikely to detach as the head has to be rotated 6-7 times before it unthreads completely.
The holder is quite sturdy and has a special vent at the bottom to keep the brush well ventilated when stored and to allow excess water to escape - unlike the traditional brush, this brush doesn't retain water or drip which makes it much more hygienic and there is hardly ever any excess water at the bottom of the holder.
I would recommend this toilet brush as it makes cleaning the toilet easier and the handle is a decent length which makes it easier to reach when sitting from my wheelchair.
The handle tapers in thickness and is the thickest at the end and this gradual change makes it easier to hold - I have manual dexterity problems and I have no problem holding this handle.
It is more expensive than the traditional brushes but the quality is a thousand times better and as it makes the job easier it's well worth the extra moolah.
15 Jan 2020
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