Spray Magic Automatic Spin Mop Avoid Hand Washing Ultrafine Fiber Cleaning Cloth Home Kitchen Wooden Floor Lazy Fellow Mop
Spray Magic Automatic Spin Mop Avoid Hand Washing Ultrafine Fiber Cleaning Cloth Home Kitchen Wooden Floor Lazy Fellow Mop
Spray Magic Automatic Spin Mop Avoid Hand Washing Ultrafine Fiber Cleaning Cloth Home Kitchen Wooden Floor Lazy Fellow Mop
Spray Magic Automatic Spin Mop Avoid Hand Washing Ultrafine Fiber Cleaning Cloth Home Kitchen Wooden Floor Lazy Fellow Mop

Magic Automatic Spin Mop

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The length and weight of the handle offers balance for this mop. I have an entire condo with hardwood floors. The balance and leverage I have while using this mop help to conserve my energy and allow me to clean without a lot of effort. The cloth hold mechanism is very easy to use and holds the cloth pads very well. This mop is easy to assemble and use, so far I’m happy with the performance. It comes with easy to see and follow assembly instructions. Just push the ends in a little bit and then tighten to secure. Everything is intuitive. Effective cleaning but gentle for real wood floors using microfiber technology.
3 Mar 2020
Thoughtful design makes the long handle easy to put together. Attaching the pad to the bottom of the mop is intuitive and holds the material well, great engineering. When I used a spray on the floor wiping it up was quick and effective.
1 Mar 2020
Pros: Comes with 4 pads to use, easy to break down and clear directions This mop is more than expected. It came with 4 refill pads that I was not expecting, clear directions for very little assembly required and is very light! Its lighter than my swiffer! Very pleased
28 Feb 2020
We have several different types of flooring throughout our house. It is hard to find something to clean all types of flooring. I tried the swiffer, but it was not deep cleaning the floors the way that I wanted it to. After looking online for a rotating mop, I ended up buying this one after reading through the reviews. I am so happy I bought this mop. It also came with 4 reusable and washable pads that I can easily just throw in my washer and dryer. The material of the pads is microfiber, so it easily cleans and traps dirt and pet hair. It reaches every dirty corner in even the most unreachable areas. My favorite feature of this high-quality and durable mop is that you can use it both wet and dry. I use it wet to clean, then use a new pad to polish. So happy with my purchase!
27 Feb 2020
This mop is the best mop ever. I was tired of my regular wring mop and have been looking for something. I never liked the job that the dry sweepers or wetjet type sweeper mops did. I liked that this had the reusable/washable microfiber pads. As soon as this arrived i couldn't wait to try it. Even after having swept the day before it picked up a ton of dog hair and other little things that the broom didn't and everything stays right on the pad. It works great as a wet mop too as all I do is fill a reusable spray bottle with my floor cleaner and spray and mop as I go. It doesn't leave the floor nearly as wet as moping with a traditional mop and still gets everything off of the floor along with any dust or fur/hair that there may be. I wish I had found this mop sooner.
25 Feb 2020
I have 2 dogs, so i battle with muddy paw prints constantly. I have a tile floor in my house. My old sponge mop would leave dirty water the grout in the kitchen it was disgusting. This mop is equally awesome because the floor dries much faster, and I even walked across is when still wet, and it was such a thin amount of water that it didn't leave a footprint. I don't have to keep re-wetting/dipping because I can do the whole floor in one shot. I don't have to put my chairs up anymore, I can swivel right around them and under the table.I can get under cabinets and right up on the fridge and oven, whereas other mops stop me short. I'm new to using it, so I can't say anything about the lifetime of the mop, but it seems quite sturdy. I even washed my walls with it and it did an awsome job. Also I like that it came with 4 extra microfiber cloth already.
23 Feb 2020
This handy mop is so awesome. Super lightweight, easy to maneuver and I am able to use my own floor detergent. The microfiber mop is machine washable and super easy to clean. There's extra mop attachments!!
20 Feb 2020
Received few days ago and I am all day long with this! I have a kid at home who likes to spill things all over. In few second everything disappear! Also the pads are washable it’s great! For this price it is a really good purchase!
17 Feb 2020
This mop comes with four washable mop pads. The handle is light and moves fluidly during the mopping process. The mop pad can be rinsed under warm water and then wrung out prior to being attached to the mop. Overall it is useful for quick and efficient cleaning.
31 Jan 2020
Awesome, absorbent floor mop which comes with 4 micro fiber refill maps. Pads are obviously washable and reusable. Good thing, hope it'll last for years.
23 Jan 2020
Very very good. Perfect cleans. Slide everywhere fit any small spaces. Pads are good. I love the quality. Love how use. Easy to change.
18 Jan 2020
This mop is just what I needed for convenience. I had other automatic mops that spray out and has no bucket. When I clean and dry the mop I can see the used water being swished over back into the bucket. I also like the fact that I can control the amount of water that goes on my floor. I have wood tiles and too much water could make them lift. So this is a great mop for me keeping my back from straining to rinsing all the dirt out immediately.
6 Jan 2020
The best! Makes life easier! Convenient, light such a good idea! I clean an office and take my supplies with me daily. This mop is so easy to transport daily. Easy to disassemble, carry and store. Live it!
29 Dec 2019
This mop feels more durable than the Swifter mop that I previously used. Using it on my hardwood floors dry works well enough pick up dust and pet hair that i don't feel like I don't feel the need to mop afterwards. I have a chocolate lab that sheds excessively. Using it wet works really on moping up spills and the cloth is easy to clean up after
21 Dec 2019
I spend less time washing my floor as I have everything with me from room to room. Easy to lift & store.
16 Dec 2019
I got my Mop It within 2 weeks and was easy to install and easy to use. After getting a new husky puppy I've been looking for a way to get rid of all the shedding and so I bought this hoping it'd work and it did! I would recommend this product to anyone who has a pet who sheds a lot.
10 Dec 2019
First I’d like to say how much I love this mop. This mop dusts, and cleans my hard wood floors to the point of almost to the day I had the floor put in. So imagine my surprise and heart break when the pad fell off. Turns out I can change pads, but I'd like it to be written somewhere. Do I recommend this mop? Yes! But they need to add manual of how to use.
9 Dec 2019
Takes a bit to get the hang of using the mop and bucket...but truly a neat product. I have grandchildren and they are messy. This little mop is a wonder! I REALLY like clean shiny floors and this little gem is very convenient and space-saving.
9 Dec 2019
So this is my 2nd day using it and so far I love it! It doesn’t feel cheap and it was very easy to put together and mops very well!
2 Dec 2019
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