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Retractable Gap Cleaning Microfiber Duster 


The microfiber feather technology guickly traps dust, dirt, and allergens so you can clean effortlessly without using harmful chemicals!


Just remove the mop part and rinse it with water!


Made of long-lasting non-woven microfiber.


Perfectly uitable for use in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry, and garages. With this brush you can clean floors, showers, tiles, toilets, carpets, upholstery, countertops, sinks, bathtubs and stovetops.

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Here comes the savior of all your under the couch under the bed years of mess!!!! Wow, how come I just found it now?! Great quality, so easy to wash as well. Basically it's a swipe and take the cloth off and throw it into the washer that simple process! It didn not shrink btw, that's important LOL
1 Jun 2020
I love it. It makes it so much more easier to clean cramp places and places under the bed. It clean really well and is also easy to clean. It’s also very flexible and durable.
21 May 2020
Perfect for cleaning every nook and cranny that my other duster can’t get to. I order this for my new house but just couldn’t wait to try it out. I used it under the edge of my entertainment center and my ceiling fan today and it was awesome.
21 May 2020
Very good cleaning brush, light weight, easy to use, good quality, stick can be extended to clean the ceiling. The tube can be easily changed and cleaned. It can clean places and corners under the bed that are usually difficult to clean. I like it very much.
21 May 2020
This cleaning brush is fantastic!! It fits under the smallest spaces to clean but the best is it gets all the dog toys out from under the furniture so now I don't have to lay down and try to reach into the far corners where they have strayed.I am also thinking I can use a knee sock over the cleaning brush.Works well as described
21 May 2020
I like it .This brush works really really good. It's very good quality as well.This is a really good thing to add to your cleaning supply collection!
21 May 2020
Love this cleaning tool I can get under everything now, light weight easy to use and will reach up to my very high ceilings, great to get an extra sleeve to change out will be easy to wash, dry and pit right back on, nice pair of gloves too! Good guy!
21 May 2020
Love this mop.. I just received it yesterday and started using.. especially under the refrigerator and stove area.. have cats and found their balls along with dust.. so glad I saw this and ordered it... happy mopping
6 May 2020
The previous owners of our new home left three appliances: washer, dryer, and a "drinks" refrigerator. As soon as I unwrapped this product, I ran it under the dryer. Good Grief! Three cat toys (we don't have a cat), two handsful of lint and a plastic wrapper. It's a wonder there hadn't been a fire. A swipe under the washer revealed more lint of many types. Another cat toy and a lot of dirt came out from under the refrigerator. My next project is to use it to "dust" under the bed and the dresser in our bedroom--places that wouldn't see a vacuum unless I moved heavy furniture. Repeating the headline: You. Need This.
23 Apr 2020
very good quality. tried under the coach and was surprised. highly recommend. thank you
1 Apr 2020
Funny thing.
9 Mar 2020
It is a high quality brush and it helps me to clean the places where I could't clean using the usual size brushes, it is perfect for under and on the high positioned furniture.
9 Mar 2020
Cleaning under items that normally need to be moved to clean.
5 Mar 2020
Love this!! Gets in all of the right spaces and works so well. Buy it!
2 Mar 2020
Thank you for the goods. Packed in a bag of puffy. Everything is whole and odorless. Very fast shipping.
29 Feb 2020
Easy to use
9 Feb 2020
Thank you very much to the store. Even under the refrigerator, the bottom of which is in some millimeters from the floor, cleaned without problems. Worried that to the end, to the wall will not get. But the experiences are in vain. I'm just happy. No duster could have been reached before before. By the way, the product consists of two parts.
5 Feb 2020
Great, right stuff!
4 Feb 2020
Light, compact, flat. Will pass into a very narrow space. There are replacement several mop clothes. Delivery time-2 weeks.
31 Jan 2020
29 Jan 2020
Not a bad wand)) after you assembled it, then it is difficult to disassemble.
26 Jan 2020
Convenient, all as in the photo and in the description, satisfied.
20 Jan 2020
Very comfortable and practical. Thank you!
19 Jan 2020
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