ECOCO™ Toilet Brush and Holder Set

ECOCO™ Toilet Brush and Holder Set 2

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  • Toilet Brush re-imagined 

The improved dense brush bristles combined with comfortable non-slip handle design provides 100% cleanliness with minimum effort. The self-ventilation base holder leaves no chances for bacterial growth.

  • 360 degree Rubber Brush Head 

Soft and strong TPR (Thermo-Plastic-Rubber) bristles don’t damage the toilet surface when cleaning stains. The brush head provides 360° cleaning – the bottom of the toilet brush rim, flange mouth and many other dead spots are not an issue anymore.

  • Self-dry Ventilation Base Holder

The bottom of the advanced brush holder base allow vents to air out, no water is accumulated on underneath, drying quickly and keeping them sanitary more effectively.

  • Stylish design

The ergonomic design of this toilet brush will make your bathroom more tidy and modern. It’s a perfect fit for any home decoration style.


Customer questions & answers

Q: Does this work better than a traditional bristle toilet brush?
A: Rounded shape of the ECOCO toilet brush and its long rubber bristles provide deeper cleaning while staying more hygienic. 

Q: Is this toilet brush durable? My last toilet brush broke in a week.
A: The durability of the ECOCO toilet brush is guaranteed. Flexible TPR bristle head doesn’t wear out under the influence of household cleaning agents, ergonomic plastic handle is made of high-quality plastic.

Q: Could the toilet brush reach under the rim of toilet?
A: Of course, this toilet brush made of very soft TPR bristles, and can easily reach under the rim of the toilet, as well as other hard-to-reach corners.

Q: Can TPR bristles scratch my toilet?
A:  TPR stands for Thermo-Plastic-Rubber a resilient material that gently cleans any surfaces without scratching them.

Q: Is it true that ECOCO toilet brush is more hygienic than traditional brushes?
A:  Yes, TPR material prevents bacteria growth and makes it easier to clean the bristles thoroughly.


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