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My life has improved dramatically! Seriously, it is annoying in the extreme to stand in water while showering due to a slow drain. I'd tried chemical drain cleaners because that's the easiest, least disgusting way to clear a drain, but it didn't work. I knew what I *really* needed to do so I finally bit the metaphorical bullet and bought this so I could pull what I knew had to be a gross, disgusting, puke-inducing, slimy wad of hair and no-telling-what-all out of the drain. And I was right: it WAS all the above, and then some, but the spring-loaded grabby-claw thingie that emerged from the business end of this device grabbed the hairball and pulled it right out of the drain. But the really nice part of this story is that I could manipulate the exterior wire sheath with one hand well enough to gather up the gobs of hair and gack with the grabby-claw AND NOT TOUCH IT! I didn't even need to donate an old pair of dish gloves to the cause! So into the toilet the offending gobs went. I rinsed off this darling snake, let it dry, and gave it it's very own hook in the closet where it now lives, coiled and ready to strike at the next drain stoppage.
5 May 2020
It works really well - just as advertised. I actually used this for an unusual (i think) purpose. I collect antique swords. I had been cleaning out an old steel scabbard - and the cleaning cloth got stuck down in the bottom of the scabbard. Yeah - i'm an idiot... don't ask - it's not a pretty story. My scabbard was now rendered useless because the sword no longer could be fit into it. The point is - this little device saved not only my scabbard - but my pride. It was able to remove the errant cloth - after several attempts. And, i've been able to repeat the process (again don't ask). I can only imagine how well this thing performs at its intended function of fishing stuff out of drains and toilets. I wish we had this device years ago when our (then) toddler had a penchant for dropping his toys down the toilet.
1 May 2020
My daughter flushed a stuffed animal down the toilet and clogged our toilet. We tried to get it unclogged with a plunger and it didn’t work. After a few try’s with this, it unclogged. It saved us lots of money to not have to call a plumber to come and fix it. I would recommend trying it a few times before you give up because that’s what we had to do but it did work.
1 Apr 2020
Needed to retrieve a lost doorbell wire inside a wall via knock-out plugs in switch box. This did the job. Given it does not have any "on-board" illumination, bit tricky to position this AND a borescope camera with led lights, but got it to work. The 4 fingered claws moved in and out fine any number of times (like I said, tricky to position). Its flexibility both a plus and a minus - can maneuver, but for long reaches, frustrating to position exactly. Longevity unknown, but it did work for what I needed, and will keep for future "fetches".
1 Apr 2020
Picks stuff up, good grip has no issue even holding heavier small objects. Used a few times with auto repairs dropping bolts in the engine bay where my hand struggled to reach. Also great for annoying your wife.
1 Apr 2020
I needed to extract some plastic parts that were floating in a riding mower gas tank. This grabber was perfect for collecting these items before they caused trouble. I also look forward to using it as a bathroom tub snake. Good Product. Fast delivery. Completely satisfied.
31 Mar 2020
Worked great! I had a vacuum cleaner that had a clogged intake port. This was able to get in there and pull out all of the built up dust and dirt.
31 Mar 2020
Worked great for getting blocked toys in a toilet. Wasn't expecting to ever need this but is worked for what we needed. Better than paying a plumber $300 for 5 minutes of work.
30 Mar 2020
Purchased with one task/goal in mind -- clearing a drain where toothpaste caps and other crud had fallen into over the years. It executed the task admirably, so well so, I used it to clear every drain in the house. Bonus tasks: Fetching a pair of glasses that had fallen off a table and wound up under a heavy sofa. Snagging a spoon that found its way under the stove.
27 Mar 2020
My daughter cleaned up dog poo with quality paper towels and flushed the whole dang wad down the toilet. Needless to say the plunger was not a useful option. Rather than calling a $100+ plumber, I ordered this to try first. With low price I was worried it wouldn't work. IT DID! Super easy to use. No need for instructions. I pulled the trigger and pushed the wire up into the pipe. after only 3 grabs I had removed the whole thing. I'm literally getting everyone one of these for Christmas. You never know when you will need it and it's never at a good time! THIS PRODUCT WORKS!!! Easy and fast. Already saved me over $100
16 Jan 2020
I had a bathroom drain that got clogged and I decided to order this. Liquid plumber was no longer working. I am happy to say the bathroom sink that my wife and 3 daughters used is unclogged now. I am embarrassed to say I couldn't believe what this thing pulled out of the drain. Toothbrush, toothpaste caps, misc plastic lids that had built up over the years. My girls hair clips, small toys and mostly lots and lots of hair. Heaven only knows how long it has been in their. UGH! No wonder this thing was so clogged. I loved it so much I cleaned out all the other sinks in the house.
16 Jan 2020
My toddler flushed a toothy brush down the toilet. He did this last month and cost us $65 for a plumber. After he did it again I ordered this and my husband was able to pluck the tooth brush out no problem.
15 Jan 2020
Losing a screw/bolt in a tiny spot..here's the tool for that. Rogue Cheetos under the couch that Mr. Roomba can't eat...here's the tool for that. Playing with Shreddy Cougar the newly adopted foster kitten (*attach to toy of choice)..here's the tool for that.
15 Jan 2020
This grabber worked when nothing else did. When removing a drain plug (long story why we had plugged it) from a basement shower stall it came apart and a good sized piece went down the drain and was stuck right where the drain pipe curves. It really slowed down drainage during a shower. A vacuum hose, a bent hanger and various other homemade tools didn't work to grab ahold of it. This did it. The combination of it being bendable and that grabber on the end enabled me to get it gripped and pulled (slowly and carefully) out. It's made nicely too, not cheapo materials.
7 Jan 2020
I use more toilet paper than most people; I've got to stop doing that. So if the toilet isn't the best at flushing, I'll get it stopped up with toilet paper. This really works to get down there and move the plug.
6 Jan 2020
Absolutely no complaints about this item! It works just as expected and it arrived a bit before expected on a two day delivery. Great price too, thank you so much. I couldn't be more happy with this order.
6 Jan 2020
My dog sheds and somehow it totally clogged the tube on the vac going from bottom up to near the handle and the bag. I tried everything to unclog the thing and nothing worked, though I do now know how to take apart a vacuum and put it back together. Anyways, I ordered this device and it took about 24 grabs for the hair but finally got the vacuum cleared and working again. Would of probably cost 50 to 100 bucks at a vac repair store. So, yea, it's really worth the money!!
4 Jan 2020
Toddlers + bath drains = TROUBLE. I've been able to fish out many a bath toy and washcloth that have curiously ended up down the drain. There's no way to avoid this unless you don't want to give your kids baths (not recommended) so get this and save yourself a visit from the plumber.
3 Jan 2020
Works as advertised, pulls huge chunks of hair from the tub drain and works much better than a piece of old wire coat hanger with a bend at the end. Rinses clean to wait for another slow drain. Shipped promptly.
3 Jan 2020
In the kitchen in the drain hole does not climb, but it looks quite high-quality product, the spring is elastic, you can apply not only for cleaning the flush holes.
20 Dec 2019
Drain snake, looks strong and flexible.
5 Dec 2019
Wash cloth went down the tub drain and was slowing the flow of water. It wasn't too far down the pipe and this was able to drag it out. Much cheaper than calling out a plumber!
4 Dec 2019
I literally got this to grab a sock out of my washing machine that fell between the drum and case. I tried with a bent clothes hanger but it wouldn't work because of the tight area. My next options were to try another tool or call a plumber to take it apart. this was sent quickly. It grabbed the sock out on the first try. I would much rather lose a $8 sock than one worth a couple hundred! I will continue to use it to grab things in my car and other areas. compact enough to keep around for a bind! I would not lift very heavy objects with it.
3 Dec 2019
Looks nice, but is too large for one of the sink, did not try yet
1 Dec 2019
I couldn't find one I had so ordered this claw to reach down my dryer lint trap. It did a pretty good job. It was more of the dryer design that was the problem not to get everything but this claw worked well and I know it will come in handy for other little jobs too. Wish it had a hole in the red handle so I could hang it on a hook.
22 Nov 2019
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